Christian and Brian's House

Christian and Brian's House

Through their compassion and charisma, Christian Diaz and Brian Metzger touched scores of people on deep, personal levels. They would have never been forgotten by those who knew and loved them, but it’s fitting to honor their memories by doing something to help others.

Lifelong friends from the Forest Park neighborhood, Christian and Brian battled addiction in the final stages of their lives. Christian passed away on May 4, 2018 at the age of 37. Brian was 34 when he passed on June 21, 2015.

Growing up as central figures within a group of friends that covered a wide spectrum of society, Brian and Christian touched scores of people on intimate levels. Gifted athletes with great senses of humor, Christian and Brian demonstrated extraordinary abilities to connect with virtually every person who came within their spheres. While their losses were devastating enough individually, together, their stories provide yet another illustration of how this epidemic devastates every segment of society.

The kind of men who were always quick to put the needs of others over their own, we have no doubt Christian and Brian would be here fighting this fight with us if they could, so we’re honored to dedicate a sober living house in their names in the neighborhood they called home.

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