Second Annual Holiday Party



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December, we had our second annual holiday party at Michael's House. It was a great turnout of family and friends. We held our traditional hanging of the remembrance ornaments on our living room tree.

A message of hope from Director Through the story of the Monarch Butterfly:
The beginning of this year was a tough one with an unforeseen death. Another life taken to early from the disease of addiction in February. As time passed and we entered into the second half of 2019, we decided to do a memory run.

My wife and I plant a garden in our yard and welcome the butterflies that appear. This year however their sighting were rare. I was driving to a destination in Westfield Ma. When a Monarch butterfly landed on my windshield. I thought it was rather nice, but did not think much of it. On my way out of Westfield as I was diving another one landed in the middle of my windshield, wings fluttering. Now this was peculiar.

That afternoon I reached out to the family of the friend we had lost in February, asking permission to share his story and raise money in his name.
As I was leaving Michael's House that evening, I stood in the driveway and another Monarch landed on my shoe. This was through September as we raised money for our recovery run in the name of Cody, the Monarchs would cross my path at least daily.

There we were on September 28th at the starting line, when a Monarch dove at my head from above. I thought I was hallucinating, Then as I stood waiting in between obstacles another one flew in between Griffin and myself. He looked up and said "There's Cody again."

Even though he has moved on from this life, he brought the foundation closer to his family through Love.

Just because our loved ones have moved on from this life does not mean they are not still guiding us. They will revel themselves when you least expect it.

From The Men at Michael's House and Sean's Place-
Please have a safe and happy holiday!