Planned Giving


A philanthropist is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to a good cause. But did you know that philanthropy can go beyond annual giving and it can represent a true dedication to a cause that is near and dear to your heart? The concept is known as Planned Giving. It is an opportunity to let your generosity live on – even after you have passed on. What better way to show your passion for a cause than to set up a planned Legacy Gift now or in the future. Through a Legacy Gift, you will ensure that what is important to you continues to be funded after your life. By choosing one of the options below (with the help of your financial advisor) you will be benefitting those fighting the disease of addiction for generations to come.

Planned Giving From My Estate

Donate Stock




Pay taxes or make a choice. Cash gifts qualify most donors for a full charitable deduction when they itemize their federal income taxes, which gives them more of a say in how their dollars are spent.



Include the Michael J Dias Foundation in your will. Gifts can be designated as an outright, residuary, contingency, or as a restricted bequest.



Transferring shares of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, which have increased in value, to the MJD Foundation is a great way to make a charitable gift. You save on taxes twice: You won’t be subjected to the capital gains tax, plus you earn a charitable deduction for the current value of the security. To learn more, see the attached form.



The MJD Foundation can be named as the ultimate beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust or the income beneficiary of a charitable lead trust. Both are highly effective estate planning tools that can benefit you now or later.



The MJD Foundation can be named as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. If the Foundation is also named as the owner of the policy, all of your premium payments are considered charitable deductions.



Significant tax benefits can be gained by naming the MJD Foundation as residual beneficiary of retirement plan assets. This option allows a donor to defer a gift to the end of his or her lifetime, reduce the size of the estate, and meet charitable objectives.



Gifts of securities and real property may provide important tax advantages. Their full fair market value is deductible as a charitable contribution with certain limitations.



This gifting technique is an outright gift of cash, securities or other property to the MJD Foundation made during your lifetime in return for the organization’s promise to pay a lifetime annuity income to you.



A “PAGE” is a permanent fund dedicated to endowing your unrestricted annual community campaign gift to the MJD Foundation. A “PAGE” gift is not intended to take the place of any part of an annual gift—instead, it is a lasting legacy that will continue to make an unrestricted annual gift to the Foundation in perpetuity on your behalf. For more information, see our Planned Giving document.



Naming the MJD Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement funds, such as an IRA, 401k, or 403b, is a simple and effective way to benefit the community while avoiding significant, often unanticipated tax penalties. Your retirement plan is tax-deferred only until death. The remainders of these assets are subject to multiple taxes if left to an individual other than your spouse. Donating retirement accounts can reduce or eliminate these taxes completely while allowing you to make a significant impact to those seeking our assistance.



Decide what is best for you. What meets your goals and needs? Talk to your estate planner to decide. Any questions can be directed to Peter Leonczyk at Pioneer Valley Financial at 413-330-1895 or