Michael's House

Michael's House

Michael’s House was born out of tragedy, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it was the birth of something amazing.

In the aftermath of Michael Dias’ tragic passing from addiction at a very young age, the family felt it needed to create a “Gateway of Hope” for those battling the disease of addiction.

As a result, a sober living home was opened with a “family-like” atmosphere whereby men would live with their peers and support each other in their journey.  The home is structured in a way whereby the men hold employment, contribute to the operational costs of the house, attend group meetings and volunteer within the community.

The philosophy of the house is to support recovery and offer a sense of hope.  It has now gained a solid reputation within the community with the help of its very dedicated voluntary board of directors.


Sober Housing Contact Info: 
FAX # 978-997-1253