Our Houses


Our Houses are owned and operated by the Michael J. Dias Foundation.  The Michael J. Dias Foundation is a 501C (3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



The mission of our Foundation is to aid and educate individuals and families on substance abuse and help those that are battling the disease of addiction.



It is our belief that recovery is possible for ANYONE, if they are ready.  

Our House are homes that offers a structured, safe, clean drug free environment and a positive setting to engage in life outside of a treatment setting.  We are spiritually based and use the 12 steps of recovery as a foundation for living.  We offer a family experience, where individuals can rely on each other in both good times and bad.

Residents are required to actively and aggressively pursue recovery and will be guided through the process by incorporating a diverse group of peer mentors. This will take place in a group and in an individual setting.

A structured schedule allows for educational groups, individualized mentoring, personal reflection, and life-skill building tasks.

Throughout your stay at Our House random drug and breathalyzer tests will be administered regularly with no prior notice.

COST:  The current fee schedule is $600.00 per month or $150.00 per week, to be paid in advance.

In recovery responsibility and accountability play a significant role for each individual and the community.  We believe that each guest should be accountable for their actions and that of their housemates.  Each member of the community is expected to engage in the structure and activities the house provides.

Our House is equipped with a 24-hour surveillance system and a keyless entry system individualized for each guest.



Michael's House is a Sober Community for alcohol or drug addicted men seeking recovery, 18 years or older.  Everyone must pass a thirteen-panel drug test as part of the admission process (tests are administered at check-in).

We are a non-medical and non-clinical home, so as a result, we are private pay only. Insurance is not accepted.  Weekly fees are discussed after initial review.

Potential Residents will be subject to a phone interview, and a face-to-face interview to be accepted to our program.  Guests will be notified of admission status within 24 hours of their interview.  



The following will result in immediate discharge from Our House:

  • Zero Tolerance Policy on Alcohol/Drug Use
  • Positive drug or alcohol screen
  • Refusal to take a Drug or alcohol screen
  • Acts of Violence to self or others
  • Stealing or destruction of property
  • Any Criminal Activity
  • Failure to pay weekly fees for more than 2 weeks
  • You are arrested for any new offenses
  • Any inappropriate contact with another guests or visitor
  • Any Paraphernalia, unauthorized prescription medications or weapons

The Residents of Our House are expected to conduct themselves and their behavior as individuals being productive members of a community and society.  The house is guided by the principles of the twelve-steps.  We believe that people make mistakes and will utilize a three-strike policy for correction of behaviors that go against our guiding principles.  The Director has a full list of correctible offense that include, but are not limited to:


  • Engaging questionable moral behaviors- lying, Cheating, Strip Clubs, Massage parlors and Solicitation of sex.
  • Missed or late curfew
  • Failure to complete any responsibilities:  Chores, Room Cleanliness, Hygiene
  • Missing Weekly House Meeting
  • Glamorizing past use